One of the things I wish we had in-game, is the opportunity to go on the casino boat and blow off some steam. You'd have to pay to travel there (perhaps a fast travel post-looking thing near the docks, or talking to a ferry man or whatever.) The price could be high enough for it to not be something you'd do all the time, but not high enough that people wont bother. And you should be able to pay in cash or gold.  Maybe there would be a seasonal lower charge sometimes, or the fee is waivered (like fast travel sometimes is, etc), a coupon sometimes, you name it. When you go there, you can stay as long as you like.

The casino itself functions similarly to the moonshine shack. No guns or nothing, obviously. Only whatever you have in the item wheel like in your moonshine shack. However, you should have your own cabin in the ship (perhaps you can pay higher for a deluxe suite.). In there, you should have access to your wardrobe, so you can change your clothes while on the ship, and you should have access to some washing water and a bath tub (yes!). Ideally, there would be a chair and a bed in your cabin as well. Yes, beds have no function other than to give you some rest, but it's for immersion sake. Your wardrobe should also have a spot dedicated to a "casino outfit" that you cannot store on your horse (no point in that). You can go to the casino boat in any outfit you like, but you should be able to swap into an outfit that is available in it's own casino-boat slot, if you wish.

On the casino-deck, there would obviously be poker, blackjack, dominos, etc. Maybe even more betting games from the era. There should also be a deck for music, where you can listen to a band play time appropriate classy music, and you should be able to dance - in pairs if you wish. You could dance with an NPC or another player.

There should also be a place to eat, drink and just sit and relax. The food could be from a buffet for example, and it should give you golden cores. There should also be a bar that serves something more lavish than beer/whiskey.

Below deck, however, you can join a secret fight club, where you can play against other players or NPCs, no weapons, just bare knuckle fighting. NPCs would be cheering and hollering around you.

In the weekends, at 11PM/23:00 o'clock, players (or single player) can vote if there should be a fireworks dislpay sent up from the outer deck, which can be seen outside the map as well.