Pre-text summary:
-Fishing role similar to collective role in that you answer to no one/work alone and recieve letters on what is wanted/needed.
-Unlocking use of traps, nets etc
-More fish/animals (crab, lobsters, etc.)
-Unlocking skill to swim for longer
-Unlocking buying boats (canoes, rowing boats, steamboats, houseboat, etc.)
-Free roam role event in for example St. Denis, Blackwater and Gill's Landing.
-Role involved Lagras fish shop lady and possibly Jeremy Gill (for legendary fish and maybe shark.)


I would love for there to be a fishing role, but not the same type of role like Trader and Moonshine. I feel it would fit to be more closer to the Collector role, in that you work on your own, when you want. No more "take wagon to x spot" - rather, there are for example various restaurants, people (Jeremy Gill and Lagras lady) who have daily/weekly wants for fish.

I believe the Lagras lady would be the most logical person who'd be attached to the role, and then maybe as an add-on, Jeremy Gill could have been included. (Canonically, I guess it would be weird with legendary fish for Gill, but whatever.). You could also maybe unlock a mission with Jeremy Gill, where you hunt shark.

Every day (or week), you could maybe get a telegram/letter, that states who is in the need for what (Maybe restaurant in St. Denis wants cuban crabs, maybe Rhodes parlor house needs sockeye salmon.) The price would be higher for these, and you'd get role-XP and gold for it.

The role would also add more fish/animals, for example lobster, more types of crabs, etc.

Once you progress the role, you start to unlock features and skills. For example traps to place in water.

In these traps, depending on where you place them, you could for example get some crabs/lobsters, or any kind of fish, and sometimes you would be lucky to get a randomized fossil/collectible, too.
You pay for each trap and you can have a fair amount of them, let's say you can own 10 of them and you can place them around as you see fit. There could also be a chance that if you do not pick them up after 72 IRL hours, they break.
Another perk of the fishing role should be increased stamina when swimming, as a skill page/ability. You need to be able to swim and be in water without stamina drain in order to deal with your traps sometimes.

Other fishing upgrades should be a poled net (like a butterfly net) for swooping fish near you, throwing "bait" (seeds) to trigger more fish to spawn, a throwable knife similar to the small game arrows,
As you progress even further, you should be able to buy boats you can summon. First, canoes and rowing boats. Later, the larger boats (which can only be summoned/stored on the Flat Iron Lake).

Eventually you should be able to unlock a houseboat (in wich nobody can climb onboard without invitation.)

Your houseboat would have places to sit/"sleep"/rest, (as pictured), the houseboats already include a small wash basin/kitchen area, so you should be able to wash up and cook on the fireplace on the roof. There is also a corner for crafting, and I feel it should obviously have a wardrobe option as well. You should be able to cast nets from it, and fish from it too. Wether or not you can stear it your self your simply have it "placed" like your camp doesn't really matter in my opinion, as it would be stationary when you are using it. You should also be able to tie a smaller boat to it, like a row boat or similar, so you can transport yourself with a boat when needed.

The free roam role event could be for example that you are on a larger scale ship and have to defend it against outlaws on the shorelines and on other boats. There could be variations depending on the location (like the fishing events). So for example a St. Denis role event would have a much larger vesselt, while Blackwater has a medium sized vessel, and maybe there is one role even outside the Gill's landing, with only rowing boats and maybe the smaller steam boats.

The game already features a lot of different types of ships, boats, you name it.

Here's a few photos of some of the vessels at St. Denis. As you can see, it's just so sad that there is obviously so much work done with these, they look fantastic, but there's no "use" for them.