Her name is Hedvig, she is 30-something, and her story is that she came to Annesburg with her parents as a child, her parents traveling from Norway, seeking work and a new life.
Her father made a living as a fisherman along the shores between Annesburg and Van Horn, often taking his daughter with him to give her experience with the various methods of boat fishing.
It was during their work together that she suffered a cut that would leave a faint scarring on her face.
Soon, the water became polluted and fish was scarce and diseased.
Her father took up work in the mines, and her family now resides in the worker cottages in Annesburg. Hedvig herself started working at the Van Horn stables, where she got her bay roan Ardennes Hera.
Eventually she began her journey across the country.
Her main interests are fishing and tending horses, and while she may travel for days on end in the vast wilderness, her big hope is to be able to settle down in a cosy home to make her own.
Her main income is aquiring trinkets and such while on her journey, and selling fresh fish when she's in town.

She has taken up work in a lot of stables, and often takes payment in usage of horses.
Her main owned horses:
Bay roan Ardennes Hera (female)
Tobiano American Paint Toby (female)
Chestnut Tennessee Walker Liquor (male)
Dark bay Shire Artemis (female)
Dark bay Andalusian Fortuna (female)

Her alternative/borrowed mounts:
Black chestnut Thoroughbred Ariodante (female)
Wild bay Mustang Marua (female)



I like to immerse myself in the game and make up a sense of reason and logic behind my game style. Of course it's hard to always do that, sometimes I mindlessly grind or play just to get XP/money etc, but when I am not grinding, I like to kick back and do things in a normal, reasonable way to sort of lose myself in the beauty of this game. I may start the day with washing my face, having a coffee and something to eat. I will dress accordingly to weather/climate, plan where to go/what needs to be done. Then I will take care of the horse, feeding, brushing, etc. In areas with low population and no big predators, I will often go no-radar, to sort of lose myself in the nature and learn to navigate through the wilderness. I like to make pit stops to rest, feed the horse, maybe get something to drink or eat, or to take shelter from rain or storm.
On some occasions I also like to storm chase, as I want to see the big lightning strikes up close.