A lot of good folks over on the RDO subreddit have made some good archives of limited clothings in the online catalogue, but they can be tricky to find when needed. On this page I will post the actual reddit posts, and the text within. This is not meant to "steal" anything, only for archival purposes, should reddit not load it, or if it gets deleted, etc. I have not tested all links myself, and I believe some are not working all the time, but either way, I decided I want to archive them in case.

Source 1:

By user: Cmvkoi_112
Macbay jacket for male


By deleted user:
Some of those should still work too. Macbay Jacket for male characters.


By user leicanthrope
(1 color of Clymene coat for females)


Source 2:
By user: IntrepidQuixote

EDIT: Its looking like rockstar patched the online catalogue, people are getting errors when they try to buy things. Thanks for all the hard work everyone, but it's looking like jig is up

Hey all,

As some of you may know, you can buy clothes and items through the online catalogue on the Social Club website ( What you may not know, and what I recently found out, is that you can still access limited items that aren't in rotation as long as you have a direct link to them (this includes links provided in Newswire posts). There was a decent amount of interest so I decided to try to get all the links in one convenient post for everyone's convenience. Here's what I have so far, I'll keep updating it as I or other people find more.

If you come across any links that haven't been posted yet feel free to share them and I'll add them to the list and credit you

Happy shopping!

Edit: It looks like the links are gender-specific, so assume they're male unless specified otherwise.

And thanks to u/bwat47 for figuring out that the portion of the url after /c/ is what determines the colour. So if anyone's crazy enough to start trying random animations we might be able to dig up a few more colour variants

It looks like the portion after the /c/ determines the image displayed on the page rather than the specific colour variant. Thanks to u/Nick_097 for pointing that out

Edit 2: Thanks to u/InfectionPonch for finding the following IGN post that collects all the RDO updates, including a bunch of Newswire posts and links to limited items:

Edit 3: Added a bunch more links from the comments. Thanks for all the help everyone, wouldn't have been able to put this together without you!

Also thanks for my first Silver stranger! Really appreciate it

Edit 4: Added even more stuff and fixed a couple mixed-up links. Thanks again to everyone who sent in the new links, enjoy!

And thanks to the people who gave me gold and even more silver!

Side note: I suck at formatting, so if anyone has any advice/suggestions on how to make this as clear and easy to follow as possible please hit me up!


The Danube

Green (female): (Credit: u/Swit_Weddingee)

The Tasman

Black/beige: (Credit: u/Joe_Momma)


Fanned Stovepipe Hat


Raccoon Hat

Grey: (Credit: u/archlang95)

Black: (Credit: u/v30137)

Manteca Hat

Red/black (female): (Credit: u/InfectionPonch)

Gardenia Hat

Pink (female): (Credit: u/InfectionPonch)

Green/pink (female): (Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Black/red (female): (Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Brown/green (female): ( Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Pink/white (female): (Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Pink/White: (Credit: u/v30137)

Plaid Cap

White: (Credit: u/v30137)

Cossack Hat

White (female): (Credit: u/InfectionPonch)

Black (female): (Credit: u/Vasilsto)

Owanjila Hat (Credit: u/v30137) - No option to buy

Tan/green: (Credit: u/Te_Quiero_Puta)

Black/red (female): (Credit: u/flexiblerhombus)

Gator Hat

Brown: (Credit: u/v30137 / u/Nick_097)

Black (female): (Credit: u/flexiblerhombus / u/Nick_097)

Squat Stovepipe Hat

Brown/green: (Credit: u/enginedayton)

Red: (Credit: u/enginedayton)

Dark red/red: (Credit: u/enginedayton)



Ortega Vest

Grey: (Credit: u/v30137)


Morning Tailcoat


Red: (Credit - u/bwat47)

Irwin Coat

White (female): (Credit: u/rauIdy / u/Sliiiiders)

Pink (female): (Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Green (female): (Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Dark Grey (female): (Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Black/Red (female): (Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Brown (female): (Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Red (female): ( Credit: u/Sliiiiders)

Beige (female): (Credit: u/sliiiiders)

Grey: (Credit - u/ChaosZake)

Red: (Credit - u/ChaosZake)

Black/red: (Credit: u/Nick_097)

Black/White: (Credit: u/Nick_097)

Clymene Coat

Brown/green (female): (Credit: u/InfectionPonch)

Charro Jacket

Grey: (Credit: u/InfectionPonch)

Porter Jacket

Brown: (Credit: u/itsyvck / u/flexiblerhombus)

Benbow Jacket

Grey/Black: (Credit u/Spite_Chickens)


Tied Pants

Grey: (Credit: u/v30137)

Blue: (Credit: u/v30137)

Concho Pants

Red: (Credit: u/vizonary)

(Not sure if this one works): (Credit: u/v30137)


Woodland Gloves

Brown: (Credit: u/v30137)

Black: (Credit: u/v30137)

Furred Gloves

White: (Credit: u/enginedayton)

White/grey: (Credit: u/enginedayton)


Pelt Half Chaps (Credit: u/archlang95)

Shaffer Chaps (Credit: u/archlang95)

Griffith Chaps

White (female): (Credit: u/v30137 / u/CDNDragoon)


Calhoun Boots

Brown/Grey: (Credit: u/v30137)

White/Back: (Credit: u/CDNDragoon)

Strickland Boots

Black (female): (Credit: u/v30137)

Green/red: (Credit: u/JamesLogan491)

Red/black: (Credit: u/JamesLogan491)

Brown/patterned red: (Credit: u/JamesLogan491)

Beige/patterned red: (Credit: u/JamesLogan491)

Patterned brown/black: (Credit: u/JamesLogan491)


Vaquero Baroque Spurs (Credit: u/v30137)